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Category: Self improvement

Islam teaches that self-improvement is an essential part of life, and it has a profound impact on society. Muslims strive to be better versions of themselves through self-reflection and self-awareness, and by trying to be closer to Allah and His teachings.

This encourages them to develop their character, be more disciplined and ethical, and strive for excellence. As a result, Muslims become more positive role models in society, creating an environment of peace and harmony.

Self improvement
World's greatest man farewell speech
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered a powerful sermon during his last pilgrimage to Hajj, conveying important messages of unity, equality, and respect for life and property. His last sermon remains relevant and inspi...
Self improvement
What Islam teaches about moderation and balance
Islam stresses the importance of moderation, and finding balance in all aspects of life, including worship, relationships, and work....
Self improvement
Why self realization is important
Self-realization is a journey of self-discovery and growth that involves introspection, self-reflection, and awareness. It requires honesty, courage, and the willingness to confront fears and limitations. Hence, se...
Self improvement
Bring optimism to your life
Find methods to incorporate optimism and positivity into your daily life. Learn how to focus on the positive and change your thinking to be more optimistic....
Self improvement
Eating for both Physical and Mental Health
Masses are unaware of the difference between the things that are beneficial to us and those that look appetizing but harmful, resulting in the gradual erosion of our physical and mental health....
Self improvement
Importance of quality
Quality is the standard or degree of excellence for a particular subject or matter which relates to the efforts, human intelligence and hard work put into building various things or products....
Self improvement
Instructive Admonition
We bluntly ignore the consequences of our acts and in this universe, reward and punishment always exist, and our actions leave a noticeable mark on society....
Self improvement
Need to talk less
Rationale and clear communication, in any form (writing, orally etc.) shall be practised and refrain from uttering foul and meaningless talk....
Self improvement
Why foresightedness is important
Foresightedness is the ability to dig deep into the matter and, through one's knowledge and wisdom, identify the problem and lay the future course of action....
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