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Islam teaches leadership through its emphasis on justice, fairness, and humility. It encourages leaders to be selfless, strives to improve their communities, be patient and wise in decision-making, and be mindful of their actions.

Such leadership style positively impacts society, promoting respect and cooperation among people, inspiring individuals to work together towards common goals, and providing a model of moral and spiritual guidance.

Revisiting the Golden Age of Islamic Governance
Muslim leaders have to learn from Al-Walid ibn Abd-al Malik's accomplishments, which included public works and welfare programs. These stand in contrast to present-day systems where the privileged few often misuse ...
These four men, a nation needs
Judges, police officers, and tax collectors contribute to a sustainable and fair environment overseen by effective leaders. Prioritizing investment in such authorities is vital for maintaining justice and honesty. ...
Voter's Education: How to Make an Informed Decision
Voter education is critical for making educated election decisions, and knowledge about the candidate's character, intelligence and morality is vital. ...
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