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Revisiting the Golden Age of Islamic Governance

May 13, 2023
Muslim leaders have to learn from Al-Walid ibn Abd-al Malik's accomplishments, which included public works and welfare programs. These stand in contrast to present-day systems where the privileged few often misuse resources.
Golden Age of Islamic Governance

My nation's lamentable state of affairs, where individuals asserting to be righteous Muslims are notably divergent from their noble aspirations, evokes a profound sense of discouragement. As the Quran explicitly states, Allah wishes His adherents to establish a promising paradigm that the rest of the world may follow.

Perusing Abdul Malik Mujahid's book, "Golden Pages," I stumbled upon a chapter detailing the obligations of leaders to their constituents. This chapter explains the excellent public works and welfare programs Al-Walid ibn Abd-al Malik initiated during his reign.

From 705 to 715, Al-Walid ibn Abd-al Malik served as the sixth caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate, accomplishing so much for the masses that its integrity seems almost implausible today.

The following are a few of the accomplishments that he realized during his tenure:

  • Mitigation of hunger and poverty.
  • Provision of caretakers and food for terminally ill patients, funded by the government.
  • Assistance for blind people via government-funded aides.
  • Free meals and education for orphans.
  • An endeavour to eradicate illiteracy.
  • Provision of scholarships for scholars.
  • Prohibition of begging.
  • A fixed salary and aid for needy people enable them to live with dignity.

The era of Al-Walid ibn Abd-al Malik starkly contrasts the present democratic systems adopted by developing countries like Pakistan, where the privileged few misuse the bulk of resources for personal gain, leaving the impoverished masses to fend for themselves.

This article is originally written by Muhammad Aslam Ch. in Urdu and translated by Usama Zulfiqar.

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About Author | Muhammad Aslam Ch.
Aslam has more than 35 years of experience as a former government electrical engineer and has worked for a number of both public and commercial enterprises. He has read more than 4,000 books, studied the Holy Scriptures, and researched the most recent scientific discoveries.

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