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These four men, a nation needs

March 25, 2023
Judges, police officers, and tax collectors contribute to a sustainable and fair environment overseen by effective leaders. Prioritizing investment in such authorities is vital for maintaining justice and honesty.Societies should encourage ethical behaviour and accountability to keep justice and equality at the heart of healthy civilizations.
These four men a nation needs

Good governance and leadership are essential for creating an equal society. Laws, justice, and order must be enforced to ensure a country's stable social structure. This can only be done if people in positions of power take responsibility for their roles.

  1. Judges are in charge of giving out fair and unbiased decisions.
  2. Police officers enforce laws to stop people from being oppressed or treated unfairly.
  3. Tax collectors make sure taxes are collected responsibly and efficiently.
  4. Leaders must make sure all these people do their jobs properly.

This is like Abbasi Khalifa's 15th-century era, where judges, police officers, tax collectors and leaders work together to keep everything fair and balanced.

Without them, a country would struggle to function and develop. Governments should invest in authorities that will honour justice and integrity. Additionally, systems should be implemented to encourage good behaviour among people and ensure everyone is held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, having a fair and equitable society is a complex process which leads to a healthy and successful environment. Governments must recognise the importance of laws and regulations that promote justice.

Leaders must also encourage moral behaviour and make sure people follow it. No matter the period, justice and equality will always be at the core of a strong civilisation.

This article is originally written by Muhammad Aslam Ch. in Urdu and translated by Usama Zulfiqar.

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About Author | Muhammad Aslam Ch.
Aslam has more than 35 years of experience as a former government electrical engineer and has worked for a number of both public and commercial enterprises. He has read more than 4,000 books, studied the Holy Scriptures, and researched the most recent scientific discoveries.

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