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Category: Ethical lifestyle

Living an ethical lifestyle is an integral part of the Islamic faith, as it is rooted in the values and principles of justice, compassion, and care for the environment. Islam encourages believers to be mindful of the effects of their actions on society and the environment and to promote justice, fairness, and sustainability for the benefit of all creatures.

Therefore, Muslims are called upon to live lives of conscious decision-making and to seek out practices that reduce harm and promote positive change.


Ethical lifestyle
The Healing Power of Honey
Honey, a precious gift from the Almighty, is revered for its abundant nutrients and medicinal virtues. The Holy Quran recognizes it as a healing remedy, alongside the guidance it provides to believers. Beyond its p...
Ethical lifestyle
The Erosion of Ethical Values in Today's Society: A Wake-Up Call
The erosion of basic principles like discipline and decency has led to ethical values deterioration. Negative vices, wealth accumulation, and media influence are causing this trend. The Quran teaches the importance...
Ethical lifestyle
Why haste is destructive
Haste means to complete a task or act quickly, which is not considered good. Or to get things done before they are supposed to. ...
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