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Category: Ethical income

Islam teaches that income should be earned ethically and with justice, and its impact on society is significant. It encourages people to work hard and be fair in their dealings, providing a strong moral foundation for economic growth and stability.

It also emphasizes the importance of charity, which can help reduce poverty and inequality in societies.

Further, Islamic teachings provide guidance on how wealth should be managed and shared, promoting financial responsibility and social responsibility. Ultimately, Islam's teachings on ethical income can potentially create more just and equitable societies.


Ethical income
These 3 things can change the trading mindset
Hazrat Abdur Rahman bin Auf, a beloved companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), strictly adhered to three fundamental principles in business affairs - no cheating, no hoarding, and least profit.He always accepted a...
Ethical income
Importance of Halal income
Greed has taken over, leading to people forsaking love and kindness as they chase after ill-gotten income. The consequences are devastating; families suffer, and children are vulnerable to straying from the right p...
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